The True Value of Consistent Content Production

Everyone has heard the phrase “Content is King.” It is a truth we live by at Grow Studios and a core belief the company was founded on. Consumers want content and they want a lot of it. They need to feel connected and inspired by your brand in an organic way. But what is content? How do I know if its good? How much should I produce?

This is where brands get choked up. There is one simple answer to all of these questions, document and execute.

Content doesn’t just come from a photo and video shoots. Content is your 360 marketing strategy. It is events, ads, in office meetings, customer interactions, and even a brand ambassador walking down the street. Content is everything and anything that can be documented. Go throw a beach party for some surfer friends who have a decent social media following, or stop your local music studio and drop off some goodies…..and just make sure you have someone with a camera.

Take out your phone, DSLR, or hire a fancy agency like Grow to document. You just need to produce high frequency and quality content. We live in a world where you have 7 seconds to win a consumer. So why try to make the perfect piece of content? Roll up your sleeves, get dirty and move fast.

Content is your digital currency. It is your brand’s product in the digital world. You might be sold out of your harvest, or just crushing quarterly sales, but if you are not creating content to tell that story or your brand’s story… Just try and remember this moment, because it won’t last.

Your brand needs to have a presence, build a personality and exist past the walls of cannabis retailers. Spread your wings and fly!

Get that content. Distribute that content. And remember…… “It’s good to be King!”

By: Bryan Rothman