Executing on Large-Scale Content Productions

Executing on content campaigns and strategies within the cannabis industry gives us at Grow the opportunity to not only educate the community on the latest advancements in the industry but also learn about the new information being discovered on the plant and the products surrounding it.

If you know cannabis, you have probably noticed Papa & Barkley. We had the wonderful opportunity this year to handle their educational content production, including the latest season of Plantmade, their educational web series discussing different topics surrounding the cannabis plant. Producing this web series was no easy feat, but we were all eager for the challenge. Check out my 5 tips for tackling large-scale content production on a short and demanding timeline:

01. Be Flexible

Do not fall into the trap so many have before and create a rigid plan for the way you see this content is presented. It’s important to have a plan, but it’s equally if not more important to know what to do things don’t go according to plan because things will never go according to plan.

02. Make the client feel comfortable

When creating upwards of 25 videos for a client at any given time, it is natural for the client to feel on the edge of their seats in the beginning. But it is incredibly important that you earn their trust as fast as possible. Set up weekly meetings (and never miss or postpone them), schedule everything out, define your goals, give them regular updates, etc. They are paying you to accomplish something they don’t have the skill set to do, ensure them that their company is in good hands.

03. Hire people better than you

You might know how to design a set, write a script, and operate a camera, but that does not mean you are the best person to do so. There are people out there who are extremely passionate about what they do, utilize that.

04. Advise and help your team

Your team does not work for you, They are working with you. Treat them as such and give them the respect and empathy they deserve and need, because there will be times where their skills are tested, and they will need that support.

05. Always envision the finish line

Our production of plant-made took a little over two months from beginning to end. There will be times where you are unsure of how the project will be received, but realize that you are not perfect. You will have days where you feel like quitting or giving up. Just remember how you felt when you first started this project, and how the client and audience will feel when they see and engage with what you produce.

By: Tommy Marcus

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